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Cosmetic Dentistry in East Detroit, MI

Are chipped, uneven, or discolored teeth affecting your self-esteem? Do you hide your smile from friends, family, and coworkers? If so, it could be time for a smile makeover. At our cosmetic dental office, our dentists have years of experience transforming smiles with state-of-the-art techniques. With cosmetic dentistry in East Detroit, it’s possible to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Are Dental Cosmetics?

When you visit a traditional dentist, he or she will examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay and disease. This is where you receive cleanings, fillings, and other routine care. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist focuses on the look of your teeth, gums, and bite. Cosmetic dental care aims to correct dental flaws, creating a natural-looking, healthy smile. Cosmetic dental procedures include anything from a whitening treatment to repair of broken teeth. At our practice, we strive to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible while crafting elegant, winning smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

What qualifies as cosmetic dentistry? The answer can be anything from chipped tooth repair to a complete smile makeover. Even closing gaps between misaligned teeth can be considered a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic dentistry services can do wonders for patients, giving them self-confidence and a more functional mouth. Only an experienced cosmetic dentist can determine whether cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for you. Here’s a full listing of the ways we can help you restore your smile:

  • Bonding
  • In-Office Bleaching
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Take-Home Teeth Whitening
  • Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Will Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

Most cosmetic dental procedures are considered elective, meaning that the person chooses them for aesthetic reasons instead of medical reasons. Dental insurance typically does not cover elective procedures; however, if the procedure provides a medical benefit, insurance may cover part of the treatment cost. It’s important to check with your insurance provider before beginning cosmetic treatment. You can also call our office for guidance regarding the insurance process.

Locating Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me

If you’re ready to begin your smile transformation, it’s time to book an appointment with an experienced cosmetic dentist. Our dental professionals have successfully treated both minor and complex cosmetic flaws, creating fresh new looks for our patients. It is our goal to help you achieve a smile that makes you proud. Contact our cosmetic dental office today to book your initial consultation.

How Much Will Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Whether it’s elective or medically necessary, receiving dental care can be a large investment. Many people come to our office with concerns about the cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Specific costs will vary widely depending on which services you receive and how many follow-up appointments are required. We’re here to help you navigate the payment process by offering flexible financing and working with many insurance providers. Even without insurance coverage, you can receive affordable cosmetic dentistry. Don’t let cosmetic dental flaws affect your quality of life. Achieve the look you want with cosmetic dentistry in East Detroit.


Our cosmetic dentists in East Detroit use a durable plastic, tooth-colored resin material and apply it with a special light that allows it to harden and “bond” the material to your tooth or teeth. Dental bonding is a great way […]

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In-Office Bleaching

Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it’s an affordable, easy, and effective way to improve your smile. Our cosmetic dentists in East Detroit are experts in brightening beautiful smiles using the latest methods in teeth […]

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Porcelain Veneers

Are you interested in Veneers in East Detroit? Porcelain is a brilliantly white, yet natural-looking material that reflects light in much the same way as natural tooth enamel, making porcelain veneers a beautiful solution for teeth that are stained, damaged, […]

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Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic dentists in East Detroit are experts in brightening beautiful smiles using the latest methods in teeth whitening. Because we take pride in our patient care and want you to be completely satisfied with your results, we perform a […]

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Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

With brilliant, long-lasting results in about an hour, Zoom!® teeth whitening is a quick way to brighten your smile. By using a bleaching gel and a special lamp designed to activate the gel, our cosmetic dentists in East Detroit use […]

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